We provide a whole range of Servicesand Productsto meet the needs of our clients who range from individuals, schools, small businesses, non-profit organizations, tourism industry to municipalities.  Here are some of these Servicesand Products:

Domain Registration and Hosting

Are you a small business using a free email address from Gmail, Yahoo, Webmail, Hotmail etc? Did you know that you are giving these big companies free advertising? Be smart and promote your own company. Let us:

  • Register a domain in your company name such as 1 hour
  • Host your domain
  • Give you 25 free email addresses in your company name
  • Design a website for your company in which you can promote your products and services

Internet Connectivity

Don’t have internet connection? Don’t worry, will can gladly:

  • Install an ADSL line at your home or business
  • Supply and configure an ADSL Router
  • Provide an ADSL Internet Account from 1GB upward
  • Install a diginet line at your business or school
  • Supply and configure a CISCO Router 

Hardware and Software

Need a Computer and Software? We specialise in:

  • Branded desktop and laptop computers - which we supply and support
  • Branded Servers - with on-site support
  • Microsoft, Trend Micro, Symantec, Pastel and more...
  • Firewalls such as SonicWall and Untangle Solutions

Computers Repairs and Data Security and Recovery

Is your computer not working? Bring it to us or let us come to you to:

  • Repair hardware and software
  • Remove and Clean Dust
  • Remove and clean viruses
  • Supply and Install Antivirus software
  • Recover lost data